Why Inclusive Voices Incorporated?

Inclusive Voices Incorporated is more than an Indigenous owned organization that can fashionably and timely answer your community development, business renewal or truth and reconciliation needs.


Inclusive Voices Incorporated is an organization that is owned by an Indigenous/British woman, who will put you and your colleagues at ease when asking uncomfortable questions, while engaging in emotional dialogues.  All the while strengthening and propelling you and your organization into making management decisions that see's your intentions as 'Indigenous positive', 'equity positive', and 'culture positive'. 

Inclusive Voices Incorporated collaborates with professional Indigenous voices and bodies from across Turtle Island (North America) and the globe. As owner and CEO, Dr. Terri-Lynn Brennan combines an extremely unique array of academic and professional qualifications across the social sciences with a focus in cultural social equity design and delivery. Terri has experience working in the public/government sector, private for profit sector, with a preference for working with not-for-profits and community developers to illuminate the values, material and process dimensions of diverse cultures, focusing on those cultures often overlooked and undervalued in society. She stands behind the idea that by acknowledging, accepting and embracing different cultures and identities in processes that inform policies and programs, public and private corporations become more effective, acceptable and legitimate to clients, communities and partners.

As an organization that is eco-friendly, carbon neutral and Indigenous driven, Inclusive Voices Incorporated can raise the profile of your organization as a role-model in creating reciprocal relationships with diverse identities and cultures. Bluntly put, by hiring Inclusive Voices Incorporated you will understand how to create short-term to long-term changes that will improve networks, partnerships and funding potential that respond to global ethics and human rights responsibilities.

Inter-Cultural Design Thinking, Place Making and Planning emphatically embraces diversity, while actively crossing and interweaving cultural lines for the betterment of the broader community. A key focus of each of these service deliverables for Inclusive Voices Incorporated, is the intentional encounter and commitment of Indigenous thinking, being and worldview into the process, which we identify as Indigenous Culture.

Indigenous Culture, much like all global cultures, can be multi-defined and represent multiple dimensions.  But at its core, Indigenous Culture represents a sense of place that emphasizes personal identities, values and responsibilities (rooted in honesty, humility, love, peace, respect, truth and wisdom). Indigenous Culture represents the material products of creative processes and the oral products of creative imaginings, stories, teachings and visions, as well as individual and group engagement with, and participation in, creative and oral processes.

Therefore, integrating an Inclusive Voices Incorporated Inter-Cultural Lens into your design thinking, place making and planning will empower your organization to meet the evolving needs of global engagement and social innovation networks.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Build Indigenous and equitable content and language into your strategic or cultural plan;

  • Coordinate an equity audit that reviews your organization to propose recommendations with inclusive changes and additions;

  • Establish policies that are infused with Indigenous knowledges;

  • Adopt an Indigenous and diverse cultural lens to managing projects;

  • Strengthen networks and partnerships with Indigenous agencies; or

  • Evaluate Indigenous inclusion in ongoing programs exhibits, and infrastructure.


Inclusive Voices Incorporated will,

  • Assist your corporation to build their capacity for integrated inter-cultural mapping, equity inventory and strategic planning;

  • Provide welcoming engagement strategies to create respectful conversations between Indigenous and marginalized voices and non-marginalized people and groups;

  • Align equitable inclusivity and creative cultural capital objectives of your agency to qualify for and successfully become awarded diverse funding opportunities;

  • Introduce a framework for standards to measure achievements, and monitor inter-cultural, equitable outcomes to satisfy diverse stakeholders.

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