Rhonda Kronyk

Edmonton, AB

In May 2018, I attended the Editors' Association of Canada conference. The opening speaker was Cate Friesen. While her entire talk was fascinating, one thing really struck home with me - we need to tell our own stories or someone else will do it for us. Since I opened my editing and writing business in the spring of 2013, I have helped people tell their stories. It is gratifying to see stories go into the world and be well received by readers. Even better is when authors tell me that have become better writers because of working with me.

In recent years, I've taken my passion for helping people tell their stories in a new direction. While I still do business and academic editing, my focus has turned to working with Indigenous authors to help them polish their stories before publication.

I was fortunate to attend the Indigenous Editors' Circle in 2017. The Canadian publishing industry has traditionally not treated manuscripts written by and about Indigenous peoples with the respect they deserve. But that is changing. Today, as increasing numbers of books by Indigenous authors are being published, the industry is beginning to recognize that they need to work differently. That's where I come in. As an Indigenous editor (Tsay Keh Dene, northern BC), I help publishers and authors bring manuscripts to the market in ways that respect Indigenous perspectives.

My other passion work is writing grants for non-profits. That work is important to me because my clients generally apply for grants that help them make the world a better place, whether by bringing art into the world, bettering communities, or trying to help people with social and financial issues.

I am always happy to talk to you about your latest project. Whether you need a researcher, writer or editor, let's talk to see if we can develop a collaborative relationship. You can find me on Twitter (@rhondakronyk) or visit my website at www.rhondakronyk.ca. My email address is contact@rhondakronyk.ca

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