Dr. Terri-Lynn Brennan

As a proud Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk), British Woman, Terri-Lynn Brennan combines her 30+-year professional background across the social sciences in public policy, archaeology, sociology, and education to bring a uniquely critical voice and eye to all aspects of Cultural Implementation.  Terri has lived and worked in various global and economic spaces across Canada and the United States, as well as the South Pacific, the UK, Europe, Egypt and Nepal. 


Terri's diverse roles in government and academic institutions as well as in for-profit and not-for-profit agencies, has inspired societal systems to become more inclusive of minority populations and Indigenous communities in particular.  The creation of Inclusive Voices Incorporated in 2017 came about to further Terri's dream to help platform Indigenous voices and bodies to be leaders across all change-making board tables, dinner tables and café tables across the world, starting at home. 


Mission & Guiding Principles

Inclusive Voices Incorporated has a vision to re-establish and revitalize the knowledge of Indigenous cultural democracy and relationships entrenched in mutual respect and value.  Inclusive Voices Incorporated's mission is to expand the learning capacity of all non-Indigenous citizens toward embracing the role of cultural difference and diversity in society. Furthering a commitment to self-determination and building respectful partnerships with Indigenous people and minority cultures.

Ethical – Organizational Practices

Inclusive Voices Incorporated is ethically driven to role-model and encourage others to:

  • Value all people and their cultures

  • Hone individual ability and skills to collaborate with people of a different culture

  • Create a collegial environment that is safe and welcoming for Indigenous people and minority cultures

  • Relate and provide positive interactions with Indigenous people and minority cultures

  • Reflect on how the dominant culture impacts Indigenous people and minority cultures

Meet the Partners

Rhonda Kronyk

Edmonton, AB


Martha Wood

Ottawa, ON/

Wellington, NZ

Annalee Adair 

Gananoque, ON


Rebecca Rolfe 

Kingston, ON

Gordon Robinson 

Kingston, ON

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