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Whether you are looking to engage in equity initiatives or rebuild planning and policy, Inclusive Voices will bring an Indigenous voice and worldview to your decision-making processes.

"Working with Inclusive Voices was a great experience. By the end of the project, we had done some great work together and the final report was very informative for both our board and our membership. We have already started to implement the suggestions and are getting a great response from the community."

Raegan Swanson, Executive Director, The ArQuives

"Terri Brennan offered our board a safe space to have difficult conversations and move forward with a mutual acknowledgement that we had more room to learn and grow then we would have admitted prior to this meeting. This pivotal conversation has helped our organization take strategic action to develop a First Nations strategy that is supporting active inclusion in our community."  

Casey Prescott, CEO, Yukon Arts Centre

"As arts organizations move forward in becoming an effective ally during this period of Truth and Reconciliation, Dr. Brennan’s expertise is invaluable and we are grateful for the foundation she gave the staff to move forward more confidently."

Shirley Madill, ED, KWAG

"After a 3 hour journey discussing respectful connections and cross cultural collaborations, our membership felt very positive with many people commenting on the respectful tone and the ability to hear, and learn, from their peers. Overall this was a terrific opportunity and I would recommend Terri-Lynn to lead any type of workshop. Great Job!”

Kevin Korchinski, ED, OSAC

"The Murney Tower Museum is thankful to Terri for sharing the Indigenous history of[the Tower's landscape] and for the translations she arranged in both Mohawk and Ojibwe. This was the first permanent Indigenous exhibit panel of its kind in our community, produced by an Indigenous person with input from Indigenous leaders. The accompanying audio of a Mohawk Thanksgiving address and the presentation of Indigenous languages across the panel itself have really resonated with our visitors. Thanks to Terri's work we are able to reach visitors from all over the world with this part of our community's history and culture."  

Dr. Tabitha Renaud, Director, Murney Tower Museum National Historic Site of Canada

Engage, listen to, and understand your community.

Inter-Cultural Thinking

Inter-Cultural Thinking provides frameworks for addressing inequities in how your organization approaches cultural identities, cultural production and/or spatial culture.

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Inter-Cultural Making

Inter-Cultural Making is an opportunity for stakeholders to come together and develop a collaborative cultural vision for a shared site, space and/or landscape.

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Inter-Cultural Planning

Inter-Cultural Planning is about identifying what matters to individuals, colleagues, stakeholders and their communities. It is about relationships, values, shared memories and experiences; identity, history, sense of place, and the possibilities and potentialities for quality of life.

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Respectful Workplaces in the Arts

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts workshops cover province/territory-specific legislation and propose some proactive tools and tips for employers, artists and cultural workers, to create and maintain a safe, harassment-free workplace.

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