For all people inter-cultural planning is about identifying what matters to them and their communities. It is about relationships, values, shared memories and experiences; identity, history, sense of place, and the possibilities and potentialities for quality of life

As Indigenous populations continue to grow and become more prevalent in cities and urban regions, let Inclusive Voices Inc. share their expertise in breaking down the barriers to learning and sharing with and between different community groups, by inspiring ownership of the creative process that addresses economic, social, political and cognitive-expressive-ethical factors in all community stakeholders.

Inclusive Voices Inc. will challenge your organization to incorporate and showcase the value of Indigenous voices in cultural processes and planning that will enhance and unify your community’s creative industry.

Some deliverables:

  • Stakeholder and Cultural Professional Consultations

  • Feasibility Studies with Neighborhood Dialogues

  • Meeting Council and Director Expectations

2020 Inclusive Voices Inc.