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The first project I want to share as a jumping off point for you to get a better idea of the range of things I do, outside of design-thinking, place-making and planning, is a 3-year collaborative project helping to strengthen and grow Indigenous Artistic networks across Ontario.  This project is not only a professional endeavor, it is a passion project with tentacles that I hope reach into the soil and roots of Wolfe Island to impregnate, nurture and construct a space of inspiration and reciprocity.

The key to this project is that it is entirely designed and methodologically lead by an Indigenous Advisory Circle. The only non-Indigenous member of the team is our support administrator from ArstBuild Ontario, who is incredibly humble and eager to listen and learn on this journey with us, as we all try and understand what an Indigenous designed, governed, led and guided Artistic Creative Space might look like in Ontario.

The key to the product at the end of the 3 years, is a best practice-type document for Indigenous Artists and Arts Administrators to use as a blueprint to vision, sculpt and build a space that from the roots up has the intent of traditional knowledge, memory and inspiration woven into it's base walls, fabric, and air.

I encourage all to follow this journey with us on the ArtsBuild website dedicated to this project, and learn and grow with us.

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