Design Thinking

Inter-Cultural Design Thinking provides organizations with an opportunity to dissect and collectively (re)define the meaning of culture, the dimensions of culture and the benefits of culture to their organizational growth and sustainability.


Inter-Cultural Design Thinking also provides frameworks for addressing inequities in how your organization approaches cultural production and/or spatial culture.


Cultural production could encompass aspects of public art, theatre arts, gallery or heritage exhibits, etc., while spatial culture can be understood as a spatial expression of a society and its culture. Inter-Cultural Design-Thinking asks you to consider how your audience members or operational landscapes reflect the communities you engage, serve or represent? How do they not?  Who do they not? 

Whether it is through a workshop, brainstorming or action research, Inclusive Voices will offer a dialogue that has you and your team rethinking cultural practice and the intangible aspects of urban landscapes toward implementing equitable guidelines and practices.

"Culture is a common good that broadens everyone’s capacity to shape his or her own future. All individuals are vehicles of culture, as well as participants in its development. Culture itself is a process that allows us to understand, interpret, and transform reality."

Agenda 21 for Culture, UCLG - United Cities and Local Governments, 2015, pg. 11

Some Clients...

"As arts organizations move forward in becoming an effective ally during this period of Truth and Reconciliation, Dr. Brennan’s expertise is invaluable and we are grateful for the foundation she gave the staff to move forward more confidently."

Shirley Madill, ED, KWAG, January 2018

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